The National Artificial Eye Service (NAES) has a rich history spanning over 100 years.

Artificial eyes have been used throughout history dating as far back as 2949 BC when they were used in ancient Egypt during mummification. Our service began over 100 years ago when we were founded during Word War One in 1916.


Our Journey...


Army Spectacle Depot set up serving army personnel and war pensioners.


Ministry of War Pensions become responsible for the supply of artificial eyes and was renamed to the Optical Appliance Depot.

1920 - 1939

Research commenced into glass for fabrication of artificial eyes.


Imperial Chemical Industries researched the use of acrylic for dental technology and Mr D.W. Baker, a dentist, produced an artificial eye from acrylic for his son.


The service was renamed the National Artificial Eye Service and was integrated into the NHS. The service moved on to a new premises in Blackpool a year later.


HRH The Duke of Gloucestershire unveils a plaque in Blackpool in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the NAES.


An NAES Hollow Eye was developed and introduced to reduce the weight in the eye socket for special cases.