You will be able to discuss design options with the Orbital Prosthetist at your moulding appointment - they will be able to show previous design requests on their laptop.

If you are unsure of the design you require, you will be able to email information to the service’s Production and Quality Manager, who will confirm if the chosen design can be reproduced and clarify any details that may not be clear.

The order will be sent to our laboratory in Blackpool for manufacture and you will be contacted by the Quality Administration Officer to make payment.  Alternatively, you can telephone the Accounts Office for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals (our host Trust) on 01253 952088 to make payment directly – please quote your name, the cost and that it is payment for an artificial eye.

Please note – the custom artificial eye can only be provided at the reduced cost (£165 or £205 depending on the complexity of the design) if it is manufactured at the same time as the NHS order.

The manufacture of the NHS artificial eye may be put on hold whilst any issues regarding the design or payment are resolved.

Should you wish to have a custom eye after the manufacture of an NHS one has commenced, an additional charge of £40 will be made, providing the wax pattern or flask is intact (they can be damaged during the manufacturing process) or delays due to provision of a custom design or payment will incur the additional charge.

If you would like a custom eye as your NHS issued prosthesis, there is no charge for that artificial eye.